That burning itch that drives our species to conquer Everest, to explore every unforgiving square mile of our planet, to strap into a rocket and shoot for the moon – that is the true essence of the human race, and the spirit in which Canopy Sunglasses was born.

Why adventure? What’s the use? It is of no use. It will generate no money, no financial profit. You won’t find a single nugget of gold or silver. It is of no use. But there is a spark in certain men and women in our society that responds to the challenge of the world to adventure only because it can be done. That is something The Man will never understand.

The Man will never understand the sheer unadulterated joy that comes from diving headfirst out of a plane 5,000ft over the Swiss Alps, or from fjording the Congo in a battered old Defender while the heavens open up over you, or from riding a motorcycle across the Gold Coast with the wild ocean raging on one side and a resplendently triumphant sunset on the other, and pushing yourself to go faster and faster and faster until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death itself.

Ultimately, what adventure brings is sheer joy and joy is, after all, the meaning of life. The Man doesn’t get it, but you do. Do not compromise. Don’t let monotony take over. Mass production, the 9-5 grind, Monday morning audit reports – you don’t live for that. You live for joy. You live to adventure. You live to explore. Keep exploring.